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  • 10-secrets-lying-beneath-your-very-own-eyes

    10 secrets lying beneath your very own eyes

    Feb 18, 2017 911 Views Life

    Did you know there’s a spacecraft flying closer than ever before to the biggest planet in our solar system? The spacecraft’s name is Juno and it’s orbiting Jupiter to figu

  • 11-Happy-Things-To-Do-With-Your-Woman

    11 Happy Things To Do With Your Woman

    Feb 14, 2017 718 Views Life

    If you are a married person then today’s article will be a very helpful one for you. And this article is specially for husbands who wants to make their woman happy in marr

  • Things-A-Wife-Expects-From-Her-Husband-

    Things A Wife Expects From Her Husband

    Feb 14, 2017 360 Views Life

    Marriage is a very important turning point of every one’s life. As a husband and wife you both have responsibilities to perform for each others sake. Any how today we are

  • 10-Things-You-Didn’t-Know-The-Use-For

    10 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

    Feb 12, 2017 268 Views Life

    When Levi Strauss made his first pair of jeans, it was a pretty common problem for the seams of the trousers to tear due to the stress being put on them by the workmen and

  • The-Worst-Selfies-Ever-Taken

    The Worst Selfies Ever Taken

    Feb 10, 2017 1689 Views Life

    The best thing about selfies is that you won’t need to rely on some other person’s camera expertise  to get a good photo. As Charles-Guillaume Étienne one said, “Any time

  • You-know-how-to-please-his-wife-sleeping-bed

    You know how to please his wife sleeping bed

    Feb 09, 2017 412 Views Life

    It’s clear that getting enough sleep is important, but did you know that women need more sleep than men, yet most are probably getting less? Are also aware that falling as

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Latest Updates Sinhala Articles

  • Hide-A-Garlic-Clove-Under-Your-Pillow

    Hide A Garlic Clove Under Your Pillow

    Feb 23, 2017 554 Views Life

    We can easily say that garlic is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It’s loaded with healthy nutrients and it can provide many health benefits

  • Ladies-Increase-Memory-tips

    Ladies Increase Memory tips

    Feb 23, 2017 202 Views Health

    They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but when it comes to the brain, scientists have discovered that this old adage simply isn’t true. The human brain has

  • You-still-do-not-know-happy-secrets

    You still do not know happy secrets

    Feb 23, 2017 10280 Views Health

    Happiness is a choice, and genuinely happy people make the choice to be happy, everyday! But what you may not know is that happy people face challenges, just like ordinary

  • Yellow-teeth-can-be-simple

    Yellow teeth can be simple

    Feb 21, 2017 823 Views Beauty

    Although coffee and cigarettes leave stains on your teeth over time, thin tooth enamel also makes teeth look yellow. Tooth enamel is the hard, white surface of your teeth,

  • Things-to-be-aware-of-in-posṭinōr-2

    Things to be aware of in posṭinōr 2

    Feb 21, 2017 3029 Views Health

    Postinor-2 is formulated to function in a manner similar to the female hormone progesterone allowing for prevention of pregnancy if taken within a reasonable period of tim

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