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  • 4-Interesting-Facts-about-Dreams

    4 Interesting Facts about Dreams

    Feb 09, 2017 1314 Views Health

    Dreams. Mysterious, bewildering, eye-opening and sometimes a nightmarish living hell: dreams are all that and much more. Here are 20 amazing facts about dreams that you mi

  • 7-Things-To-Never-Do-Before-Or-After-Love

    7 Things To Never Do Before Or After Love

    Feb 08, 2017 351 Views Health

    As an experienced lady in the sack, you’ve probably become more comfy with your body, and rock moves that would make younger you slow clap—but even the savviest women can

  • Annona-Muricata-Anticancer-Activity-

    Annona Muricata Anticancer Activity

    Feb 08, 2017 356 Views Health

    The soursop probably originated in the West Indies and in northern South America. Wild and cultivated species are found from sea-level to an altitude of 1,150 m throughout

  • Health-Benefits-Of-Papaya-And-Its-Seeds

    Health Benefits Of Papaya And Its Seeds

    Feb 08, 2017 966 Views Health

    Papaya seeds contain nutrients that help heal cirrhosis of the liver and improve kidney health, preventing renal failure. Its anti-inflammatory properties help treat arthr

  • Coconut-water-for-erectile-dysfunction

    Coconut water for erectile dysfunction

    Feb 07, 2017 1309 Views Health

    Most men find the problem of erectile dysfunction so utterly embarrassing, that they may not discuss this condition even with their doctor. Erectile dysfunction or ED can

  • You-should-never-throw-out-chicken-skin

    You should never throw out chicken skin

    Feb 07, 2017 857 Views Health

    Do you still believe that eating chicken skin increases the level of bad cholesterol and blood pressure? Apart from that, some believe chicken skin increases the risk of h

  • Here-take-your-pens-just-cleaning-system

    Here take your pens just cleaning system

    Feb 06, 2017 3696 Views Health

    As the country moves towards a cashless environment after demonetisation, the initial awe and confusion have given way to a flurry of concerns. Will the emphasis on online

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Latest Updates Sinhala Articles

  • Hide-A-Garlic-Clove-Under-Your-Pillow

    Hide A Garlic Clove Under Your Pillow

    Feb 23, 2017 551 Views Life

    We can easily say that garlic is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It’s loaded with healthy nutrients and it can provide many health benefits

  • Ladies-Increase-Memory-tips

    Ladies Increase Memory tips

    Feb 23, 2017 202 Views Health

    They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but when it comes to the brain, scientists have discovered that this old adage simply isn’t true. The human brain has

  • You-still-do-not-know-happy-secrets

    You still do not know happy secrets

    Feb 23, 2017 10248 Views Health

    Happiness is a choice, and genuinely happy people make the choice to be happy, everyday! But what you may not know is that happy people face challenges, just like ordinary

  • Yellow-teeth-can-be-simple

    Yellow teeth can be simple

    Feb 21, 2017 823 Views Beauty

    Although coffee and cigarettes leave stains on your teeth over time, thin tooth enamel also makes teeth look yellow. Tooth enamel is the hard, white surface of your teeth,

  • Things-to-be-aware-of-in-posṭinōr-2

    Things to be aware of in posṭinōr 2

    Feb 21, 2017 3029 Views Health

    Postinor-2 is formulated to function in a manner similar to the female hormone progesterone allowing for prevention of pregnancy if taken within a reasonable period of tim

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