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  • Home-Remedies-for-Firming-Sagging-Breasts

    Home Remedies for Firming Sagging Breasts

    Mar 12, 2017 1658 Views Health

    Sagging breast is a great mental torture for many women. There is no other option for this matter other than a natural solution as chemicals bring many disastrous results.

  • Natural-Homemade-Shampoo-Recipes

    Natural Homemade Shampoo Recipes

    Mar 12, 2017 328 Views Health

    We all use shampoo when we bathe. But as many chemical compounds are included in shampoo, it will bring many problems to your hair such as dandruff. Therefore, we bring yo

  • 5-Home-Remedies-for-Arthritis-Joint-Pain

    5 Home Remedies for Arthritis Joint Pain

    Mar 12, 2017 609 Views Health

    Arthritis is a lump in one or several joints in the body. It occurs irrespective of the gender or the age. Joint pain and the malfunction are the symptoms of arthritis. It

  • How-To-Get-a-Flat-Stomach-Fast-In-a-Week

    How To Get a Flat Stomach Fast In a Week

    Mar 12, 2017 2186 Views Health

    Some people have a bulgy tummy though they are not chubby people. Filling gases in the stomach causes a huge, bulgy belly. If it happened frequently, it will be developed 

  • 4-Home-Remedies-for-Toothache-that-Work

    4 Home Remedies for Toothache that Work

    Mar 12, 2017 815 Views Health

    Four amazing methods of getting rid of a painful toothache.
    It's difficult to express in words when you are having a toothache. People in every state of their lives face t

  • The-Best-Natural-Cough-Remedies

    The Best Natural Cough Remedies

    Mar 12, 2017 1480 Views Health

    A cough is seen profusely among many people these days. Rheum in the lungs is the main cause of this. It is infected easily from person to person and if you ignore it, it 

  • Human-reproduction-animation

    Human reproduction animation

    Mar 11, 2017 34583 Views Health

    Human Reproduction features full-length, peer-reviewed papers reporting original research, concise clinical case reports, as well as opinions and debates on topical issues

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Latest Updates Sinhala Articles

  • Boys-Cute-Reaction-To-His-Crying-Sister

    Boys Cute Reaction To His Crying Sister

    Nov 11, 2016 690 Views Life

    A cheeky boy who stole his big sister’s makeup was caught red-handed – and red faced – by his family.Little Damon, from Canada, was captured on camera in his bedroom, with

  • How-To-Remove-Dark-Eye-Circles-Easily

    How To Remove Dark Eye Circles Easily

    Nov 10, 2016 1212 Views Beauty

    Dark eye circles are common problem for many women around the world. Today we are going to present you a simple solution to solve this problem. It is just a waste of time

  • Effective-Homemade-Cream-for-Scar-Removal

    Effective Homemade Cream for Scar Removal

    Oct 07, 2016 1661 Views Beauty

    Everyone have some scars on skin we have, whether or not it's a childhood event, some crash that is minor another thing. We don't need to become accustomed to every one of

  • Top-10-Cancer-Causing-Foods

    Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods

    Oct 07, 2016 2124 Views Health

    As of late, incalculable stock we utilize every day were said to be malignancy creating that we have to question our selves – What isn't? All things considered, this is no

  • How-to-Get-Rid-of-Dark-Lips-Naturally

    How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally

    Sep 24, 2016 1666 Views Beauty

    Pinkish, delicate lip territory get to be something which each lady would bite the dust for! Stunning lip construct your look substantially more reasonably. In any case,

  • Homemade-Face-Masks-For-Wrinkles

    Homemade Face Masks For Wrinkles

    Sep 24, 2016 1408 Views Beauty

    Wrinkles or lines that are fine on facial surface is shocking by ladies and men from more youthful to more established age bunches. These wrinkles aren't anything however 

  • A-new-hope-for-paralyzed-people

    A new hope for paralyzed people

    Apr 25, 2017 931 Views Health

    Most of the animal, including the human, are not capable of regenerating the nervous system tissue. This kind of spinal code injuries is very dangerous and cause paralysis

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