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Natural Home Remedies To Treat Bone And Joint Pain

Oct 13, 2016 1163 Views Health

Effective relief from the bone pain

This is an effective prescription for your all joint pains, leg sprains and all combined pains. This is a fine treatment for the paralyzed patients to boost up their insentient bones. This is a helpful prescription for painful joint disorders, unbalanced cartilages, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis and irritation in the bones.

Take five carrots, half a spoon of pepper, a teaspoon of ginger sap, half a spoon of saffron and half a spoon of bee honey. Make a juice by blending carrot and add all the other ingredients in the specified amounts and churn it into a unitary mixture. Pour it into a clean glass and leave a while. If you drink this beverage half an hour before your three meals at least three days per week, your bone pains will be cured completely.
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