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Never Punish Your Children With Angry Every Parent Must Read This Story

Jan 06, 2017 362 Views Life

I still remember that day. It is the day that changed mt destiny. I along with my sister went to show our student records books to father. My elder sister had got the frist place in her class and i was 29th of my class. Do you know how i ended up with 29th place. There were 30 students in my class and one had not sat for the examination. That is how i became 29th in the class. My sister reached to the father frist and showed her record book to him. He carefully red all the details and hug her. Father gave her a toffee said very good. Now it was my turn to show him the records book. I offered him the book slowly with fear. He did the same thing and gave me 29 toffees. This made me cry. 
(under the courtesy of wishmalokayavideo.com web)
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