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They Thought He Was Trying To Steal Their Camera

Sep 28, 2016 827 Views Funny

They thought he had come to take the camera. 

This couple went to Thailand for an occasion and never felt that their lives in peril. Be that as it may, what transpired in the lethal mud is really hazardous. They wanted to take the natural life photos, that is the reason they were struck in the lethal mud of Karabe waterway. 

Luckily, an angler saw them and instantly kept running close them, however they thought he would come and take away their camera. Notwithstanding, his genuine goal was to spare them from the dangerous mud. 

Watch this video until the end and you will comprehend what sort of individual he is. Really, he took a chance with his life to bounce into the dangerous mud.

(under the courtesy of nodutulokayavideo.blogspot.com web)
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