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Three Ingredient Turmeric Powder Recipe To Eliminate Cavities And Whiten Teeth Naturally

Oct 13, 2016 916 Views Beauty

A natural medicine that removes stains and mucilage and whitens your teeth

The sweets and the other food that we consume excessively harm our teeth. Today we reveal you an effective toothpaste that you can make by yourself than the chemicals that you buy from the market.

Two teaspoons of saffron
One teaspoon of coconut oil
A little amount of peppermint oil

Mix coconut oil with saffron and add some peppermint oil into it. Churn it well again. Peppermint oil is added to give a pleasant taste to the mixture. This is not compulsory. Take your toothbrush and wet it with some water. Sink your toothbrush in the mixture and brush your teeth well. Do not rinse the mouth for three to five minutes. Rinse it off now. Mix it well before you use it again.
(under the courtesy of mennawedavideo.blogspot.com web)
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